The Sheep Home Page - Baaaaa!

Sheep, sheep sheep, we love you!!

If it weren't for sheep, we'd have no wool sweaters or lamb chops!

Sheep are warm and fuzzy, and make wonderful companions!!

Now, you only need one sheep and with cloning you can get a whole herd! Way to go Scotland!!

Big News - AOL successfully clones users from sheep!!


Hear people making sheep noises:

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    Have Fun!! Play the Sheep Game

    Read about Electric Sheep!!

    Buy this book, we need the money

    Career Opportunities

    An unsolicited TRUE story from a recent Graduate in his own words

    Daisy also recommends - CareerSite

    Henry's top ten reasons why sheep are better than women

    Religion &Sheep

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    And no, Henry is not a professional shepherd, he just acts as a volunteer in his spare time, but he has been known to lend a hand during the shearing season!!

  • Check out his New Haven Dancers page. - Sorry, no sheep allowed unless accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.
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