5) Sheep don't care if you fart under the covers then wave them so the gas wafts out.

This is what I editted Henry's list to read. I did is because I think that this is more likely to occur in male/female relationships, ergo, more sheep lovers would identify with it. Henry, on the other hand, stands firmly behind his choise of fart in the shower, Now, I say, how many people shower together on a regular basis. Some do, yes, but more people sleep together everyday than shower together daily.

Anyway, Henry calls me up today, having a fit going on &on about "change it back, it's MY list" and so on. Well, you know how men are when they get in that "I'm taking all my toys and going home" state, so I said I'd change it back. I did have to get back to work and all. But, I'm thinking, "I really do think that more people will agree with me", so I set up this page and I'm asking the general sheep loving population to decide for itself. Below are two options, and I'm asking you to cast your vote. Do you agree with shower farting or is bed farting more common in your life. To cast your vote e-mail either:

I agree with Henry - fart in the shower is the better choice.


I disagree with Henry - I like fart under the covers better.

We will update this page accasionally with a tally. Thanks for

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