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STAPLES - Marsha McCloskey's new line of fabric

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Quilts for Katie Rose

by Marsha McCloskey.

Quilts and Projects for the new baby. Inspired by her first granddaughter, Marsha used 1930s reproduction prints to make way too many quilts and toys for the nursery. There are fourteen pretty and light hearted quilts and projects. Quilt patterns include a pieced Butterfly, Sailboat, House, Stars and Pinwheels, Pinwheel Daisy, Baby Blocks, Sunshine and Shadow and more.

8 1/2" x 11" - color photos, 56 pages, softcover

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Judy Hopkins Mystery Quilt Singles

100 Pieced Patterns for 8" Quilt Blocks

by Marsha McCloskey.

Smallish blocks for manageable projects. Easy-to-use template format, adaptable to rotary cutting.

FSP2 - 8 1/2" x 11" - color cover, 64 b&w pages, retail $11.95

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Feathered Star Sampler (Revised for Rotary Cutting)

by Marsha McCloskey.

Nine Feathered Star blocks in a classic sampler quilt.

FSP3 - 8 1/2" x 11" - color cover, 24 b&w pages, retail $7.95

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Feathered Star Quilts

by Marsha McCloskey.

Feathered Star history, quilts, blocks and drafting -- the classic text on feathered stars.

FSP4 - 8 1/2" x 11" - color cover, color photos, 128 pages, retail $22.95

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Rotary Cutting Companion for Feathered Star Quilts

by Marsha McCloskey.

Rotary cutting charts for all the Feathered Star blocks and quilt projects in the book Feathered Star Quilts.

FSP5 - 8 1/2" x 11" - color cover, 24 b&w pages, retail $6.95

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Make Your Own Outdoor Flags & Banners

by Marsha McCloskey &Linda Moore.

A handbook for do-it-yourself flag design and construction.

FSP6 - 8 1/2" x 11" - color cover, 24 pages, retail $6.95

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Pieced Borders: the Complete Resource

by Judy Martin & Marsha McCloskey.

Everything you need to know about making great pieced borders to finish your quilt with a flourish.

PB - 8 1/2" x 11" - color photos, 160 pages, retail $21.95

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Quick Classic Quilts: Four-Patches to Feathered Stars

by Marsha McCloskey.

Twenty-seven quilt patterns , from simple to complex. Many full-size quilts. Great text for beginning quilt classes.

QCQ - 8 1/2" x 11" - color throughout, 160 pages, retail $19.95

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Katie's Alphabet Quilt

by Marsha McCloskey.

Instructions for 40" x 53" Baby Quilt Featuring 5"-high patterns for Paper - Foundation Pieced alphabet and numbers. Even if you don't make the quilt, you'll want the letter patterns for other projects. Handy chart lets you enlarge or reduce letter & number blocks to any size!

8 1/2" x 11" - color cover, 34 pages, retail $12.95
(March '99 publication)

From the back cover:
"My granddaughter, Katie Rose, is six months old now. The Alphabet Quilt on the cover is just one of several quilts I've made for her. She liked it when I sang the ABC song to her while I stitched the letters, but she's too young to know what it's about. When she's older and ready to learn her letters, I'll give her the quilt and we'll sing the song again.

This alphabet is based on letter blocks that appeared in the 1928 catalog for the Ladies Art Company in St. Louis, Missouri. I made slight changes in some of the letters, drew them to the 5-inch size, figured out the paper-foundation piecing, and designed numbers to go with them.

Even if you don't make the quilt on the cover, this pattern booklet has a place in your quilt resource library. Paper-foundation piecing makes the letters a breeze to sew. Sign your quilts with them. Create personal quilts that involve letters and dates special to the people you love. Make birthday, wedding, anniversary, and graduation quilts or banners. Make the letters smaller or larger. Write poems or favorite sayings. Let your imagination go and be confident that the sewing will be easy and fun!"

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Marsha McCloskey's Block Party

256 pages, Paperback, 1,854 color illustrations
ISBN: 0-87596-756-6
Retail price: $18.95

Description: With 120 rotary-cut blocks, each finishing at 9 inches, every quilter's creativity will be enhanced when she mixes and matches the blocks in over 15 settings. Each project features complete directions, sewing hints, and quilting suggestions, and quilters can choose their favorite block to feature in the quilt.

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