Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary Rulers

Judy Martin is pleased to introduce her new line of rotary tools designed to expand the creative of quilters everywhere. To find out more about how you can get Judy's new ruler's check out your favroite quilt shop or contact Judy directly at:

Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company, Inc.
1321 Broad Street
Grinnell, Iowa 50112

toll-free phone or fax: (800) 642-5615 U.S. calls only
e-mail: CrosGriff@aol.com

Rotaruler 16

The Rotaruler 16 goes beyond your basic rotary cutting ruler. It features scientifically engineered line patterns to let you find measurements at a glance and follow them easily. A handy grid of crosswise lines lets you square up anywhere on the ruler, and still the readability is superior.

Step up to the Rotaruler 16 for quicker, better cutting.

Item # - R16

Sizemaster 90

Double your patchwork Possibilities with the Sizemaster 90. Your basic ruler cuts roughly half the sizes commonly found in patchwork. At last, you can rotary cut the other half - just as easily - using familiar quick techniques and no templates.

The innovative, multipurpose tool belongs on every quilter's cutting table.

Item # - S90

Sizemaster 90 Ready Reference

Handy charts tell strip and Patch dimensions, with seam allowances included, for 6 shapes in many useful sizes Step-bystep illustrations make it easy to master your Sizemaster 90!

Shapemaker 45

Say "goodbye" to boring quilts. Say "hello" to a wealth of new pattern possibilities with the Shapemaker 45. At last, here is a better and faster way to rotary cut a wide variety of popular shapes in countless sizes.

Enjoy new freedom in your pattern choices. Keep the multipurpose indispensible Shapemaker 45 handy for all your quilt projects.

Item # - S45

Shape Maker 45 Ready Reference Card

Indispensible charts tell strip and patch dimensions, with seam allowances included for 6 shapes in all your favorite sizes. Step-by-step illustrations make it easy to master shapes with the S45.

Point Trimmer

Perfect your piecing, simplify your quilting, and save time with the Ultimate Point Trimmer. This indispensable, inexpensive tool helps you trim seam allowances at points. Cut quickly through four layers as you use the PT for any size or shape having a 45° angle. Reduce bulk in seams, minimize showthrough, and align patches perfectly for machine piecing with the PT. For better quilts faster, get the Point Trimmer advantage.

Item # - PT

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